Swift Code mainly used for international wire transfers or telegraphic transfer (TT) between banks, also known as Bank Identification Code or BIC code. The codes are also used in exchanging messages between banks. Every bank and its branch office have Swift code.

China BANK (SWIFT CODE Search)

Input BANK Name

China Big Four BANKs

● Bank Of China swift code
● China Construction Bank swift code
● Agricultural Bank of China swift code ● Industrial and Commercial Bank of China,ICBC swift code


Listed BANK

● China Merchants Bank swift code ● BANK OF COMMUNICATIONS swift code
● Shanghai Pudong Development Bank swift code ● China Minsheng Bank swift code
● Industrial Bank swift code ● China Everbright Bank swift code
● Bank Of Nanjing swift code ● Guangdong Development Bank swift code
● China Citic Bank swift code ● Hua Xia Bank swift code
● Bank Of Beijing swift code  

Local BANK

● EVERGROWING BANK swift code ● SHENGJING BANK swift code
● BANK OF SHANGHAI swift code ● CHINA BOHAI BANK swift code
● BANK OF JILIN swift code ● HARBIN BANK swift code
● BANK OF QINGDAO swift code ● BANK OF WENZHOU swift code
● BANK OF DONGGUAN swift code ● BANK OF HANGZHOU swift code
● CHINA ZHESHANG BANK swift code ● BAOSHANG BANK swift code
● HUISHANG BANK swift code ● BANK OF CHONGQING swift code
● QILU BANK swift code

Foreign BANK

● SHINHAN BANK(CHINA) swift code ● HSBC swift code
● Hengsheng Bank swift code ● East Asia Bank swift code
● Citibank (China) swift code ● Standard Chartered Bank (China) swift code
● Deutsche Bank (China) swift code ● DBS Bank China swift code
● UBS (China) swift code

What is SWIFT Code / BIC Code?

Swift Code(Bank Identifier Code) are part of ISO 9362 standards,or Swift-BIC / BIC code / Swift ID. A SWIFT code usually consists of 8 or 11 characters. These codes are used when transferring monty between banks, particularly for international wire transfers. On top of that, the code is used to transmit messages between financial institutions and banks.

Swift Code usually consists of 4 parts. They are bank code(4-digit)、country code(2-digit)、location code(2-digit) and branch code(3-digit)。 Here is an example code for "Bank Of China Beijing Branch", its Swift code "BKCHCNBJ110", including "BKCH" (bank code)、 "CN" (country code)、"BJ" (location code)、"110" (branch code)。

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